Grantee Requirements: Composer / Sound Artist Fellowship Program

Composer / Sound Artist Fellowship Program recipients will receive the funds following the signing of the fellowship agreement, which has the legal effect of obligating the fellowship award, and which states the rights and obligations of the parties. No fellowship funds will be awarded in the absence of a signed fellowship agreement.

Grantee recipients may choose to receive the fellowship dollars in one or two payments and in one or two calendar years.

Grant recipients are required to provide a final narrative report, within one month of the completion of the fellowship period, describing the experience, what was learned, the impact this opportunity had on artistic development, and documentation of work created during the fellowship.

If you receive a grant, the Jerome Foundation's annual tax return, which is a public document and is posted on the Foundation's website, will contain your name and address, in its listing of grants made during the year.  For more information on public access to the tax returns of foundations, please contact Foundation staff.

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