Philanthropic Service Organizations, National Service Organization Convenings or Research Initiatives: Early Career/Emerging Artist Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

The Foundation supports organizations with ongoing programs, services or activities for artists, collectives or ensembles who meet all the following descriptors:

  • Artists, collectives or ensembles who have an ongoing commitment to working in the arts, rather than engaging in art as a hobby, pastime or occasional pursuit, and who have already completed their training, if they have decided to pursue formal training at all;
  • Artists, collectives or ensembles who at the time of application have generated, completed and publicly presented/exhibited/published work in the discipline in which support is requested;
  • Artists (e.g. writers, choreographers, visual artists, film/video/digital production directors, new media artists, theater directors who generate new works, performance artists, playwrights, spoken-word artists, composers and sound artists), collectives or ensembles whose primary goal is to generate new works, as opposed to remounting or re-interpreting existing works;
  • Artists, collectives or ensembles who expand the genre, form or social boundaries/audience for the discipline in which they work;
  • Artists who are in the early stages of their creative development;
  • Artists, collectives or ensembles who have a focused direction and goals, even while still developing their artistic “voice”;
  • Artists, collectives or ensembles who have yet to be substantially celebrated within their field, the media, funding circles or the public at large;
  • Artists, collective or ensembles who are legal residents of the state of Minnesota or one of the five boroughs of New York City and have been residents for a least a year prior to the submission of an application.

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