Philanthropic Service Organizations, National Service Organization Convenings or Research Initiatives: Frequently Asked Questions

These guidelines represent several significant changes to former Jerome procedures. Why did you make these changes?

The Foundation surveyed more than 600 artists and organizations in 2016 to gauge the most urgent needs and priorities of the arts field. Three specific themes emerged: the need for multi-year funding, the value of deadlines in planning, and the need for flexible support. The new guidelines try to address each of these themes. Jerome streamlined the new application process for membership, convening and research requests.


If I received prior funding, should I request the same amount as my last grant?

Prior funding amounts will not be considered in determining new grants.  Former grantees may find that they receive significant increases, remain constant with prior funding, experience significant decreases or are not funded at all. Former grantees will recall that, as a way of preparing them for this possible withdrawal of Jerome support, the Foundation made two-year exit grants for the program.


We received a two-year grant in 2016, but only 2017 programs will be supported by it. Must I wait until 2019 to apply again?

Organizations who already have received a two-year grant that covers Jerome funding for 2017-18 but not the following year should request one year of funding (2018-19). This may be to continue the previous program or to embark on a new program.

Organizations that have received two-year grants that cover both years (2017-18 and 2018-19) should not apply in this round.


My organization is based in ... Seattle, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Wisconsin, Ohio, Mississippi, Florida, etc. Am I eligible to apply to the Jerome Foundation?

While Jerome Foundation’s support for artists and not-for-profit arts organizations located in Minnesota and the five boroughs of New York City is restricted to these geographic regions, this program is an exception. The programs/convenings/services/research provided must be hosted in the five boroughs of New York City or Minnesota and benefit artists and organizations in these geographic funding areas.


If I do receive a grant, how quickly can I get the money?

Each grant requires completion of a signed contract. The paperwork necessary to release the funds must then be processed. This takes a minimum of three weeks. In most cases, payment dates are typically the 2nd Wednesday of the month.


If my organization receives a grant, how often must I report on the progress of the project?

Grantees are required to submit interim and/or final reports, established by the Foundation in the letter of agreement. The reports are typically annual reports.


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