Philanthropic Service Organization, National Service Organization Convenings or Research Initiatives: Program Eligibility

Eligible organizations are required to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Are 501(c)3 organizations or are applying through a fiscal sponsor with a 501(c)3;
  • Offer ongoing programs, services and activities for either foundations, arts organizations that serve/produce/exhibit/publish Jerome-eligible artists, or Jerome-eligible artists, collectives, ensembles; 
  • Have at minimum a three-year demonstrated history of serving grantmakers or foundations that support the arts; or of serving Jerome-eligible artists, collectives, ensembles or arts organizations;
  • In the case of arts organizations, offer additional programs, services and activities for Jerome-eligible artists, collectives, ensembles or Jerome-eligible arts organizations beyond the convening for which Jerome support is requested;
  • Promote one or more of Jerome Foundation’s core values.

While applicant organizations in this category do not need to be based in New York City or Minnesota, the supported convenings and programs must be delivered in New York City or Minnesota and impact New York City or Minnesota artists, organizations or arts grantmakers.  

Process and Review Criteria

This application is by invitation only following a review for eligibility by Jerome program staff. Site visits, either in person or by teleconference or videoconference will be conducted with each applicant prior to the invitation to apply.

Staff recommended applications are reviewed by the Foundation Board of Directors, which has the sole authority to award grants or reject applications. Staff do not have discretionary grant authority.

The staff recommendation and board of director decision will be based on four and only four criteria:

  • The merit of the programs/services/activities/convening/research;
  • The quality of planning and feasibility of the programs/services/activities/convening;
  • The potential impact of the programs/services/activities/convening on the field of arts grantmaking or on Jerome-priority artists and organizations.
  • The organization’s commitment to at least one of Jerome’s core values.

Additional Program Requirements

  • Grants to philanthropic organizations for ongoing programs as a general rule will be given for a two-year period. On specific occasions, however, the Foundation may choose to make the second-year support contingent on review of a progress report and proof that the applicant has met pre-agreed upon benchmarks.
  • Grantees may not substitute a different program/service/activity for the one(s) supported in the original grant. Doing so may result in the Foundation recalling the grant. Any major changes to the nature or scope of the project must be approved in advance by the Foundation.
  • Grant recipients are required to submit annual progress report. Upon completion of the grant, a final financial and narrative report and online link to the program must be submitted to the Foundation. Grantees who are delinquent in their reporting requirements will not be allowed to receive additional support until the requirements have been met.

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