Eligibility and Requirements: MN/NYC Film, Video, and Digital Production Grant Programs

Please read the below eligibility requirements closely. If you do not fit the criteria, your application will not be considered for funding. If you have any questions or doubts regarding your eligibility, please contact Foundation staff and we will assist you. The last thing we want is for you to spend time on your application, and immediately be disqualified due to issues of eligibility.

Who is eligible to apply?

The Film, Video, and Digital Production Grant Program is designed to support emerging film directors who have in the past and will in the proposed project exercise ultimate directing control over film/media/digital production projects. The Foundation understands that, especially at an emerging stage, artists may do more than direct: they may also act, design, write, edit and/or produce—and artists who perform multiple functions are eligible if these functions also include directing.

Artists who are not eligible to apply include: artists whose past accomplishments include only editing, producing, writing and/or acting but not directing; artists who have not directed and completed at least two non-student film /video/digital production projects; and artists who will not be the director(s) of the proposed project.

Co-directors are eligible to apply only if they have directed at least two non-student projects together; if they will serve as the co-directors for the proposed project; if they all individually meet all residency and non-student requirements for individual applicants; and if the co-directing team, as represented through the past work samples and in the proposed project, is composed of the exact same individuals, without addition or loss of any prior co-directing team members.


1. Be residents of Minnesota or the five boroughs of New York City and have lived there for at least one year prior to the application date, and still plan to be residents at the end of 2017.

Potential applicants who have lived in MN for at least a year but plan to relocate to New York City before year end should apply in the NY Film and Video Program. Potential applicants who have lived in New York City for at least a year but plan to relocate to Minnesota before year end should apply in the MN Film and Video Program.

For establishing residency, street addresses are required; however, post office boxes may be used for mailing purposes.

2. Be individuals who are emerging film directors.

This program is not open to applications from organizations or fiscal sponsors.

The applicant may wear other hats, such as producer, writer, editor, etc. but must also assume the role of director with ultimate artistic/creative control of both past films establishing eligibility and the project for which support is requested. Producers, editors, crew people and writers who are not in ultimate creative control of the project are not eligible to apply.

Emerging filmmakers show significant potential; have some evidence of professional achievement but not a substantial record of accomplishment; and are recognized as emerging artists by other artists, curators, producers, critics, and arts administrators.

If you need more information on eligibility, please consult the Jerome Foundation's Definition of an Emerging Artist or contact Foundation staff

3. Have already completed at least two non-student film projects as the director before the application is submitted.

This program does not fund applicants with little or no background as principal creators of film, video, or digital media. Factors used to assess whether an applicant is emerging include production record/history, distribution record, awards, grants, peer recognition, career stage, and critical response to the work.


4. Function as the director/ have total creative control of the project for which support is requested.

In addition, applicants may not be enrolled in graduate, undergraduate, or K-12 educational programs at the time of application. Artists who plan to enter degree programs during the grant period are not eligible to apply (unless the film will be completed before those studies begin.)

Previous grant recipients in this program or in the Travel and Study program must have completed the supported production or travel and filed all final reports before submitting a new application.

What projects are eligible?


Installations, new media, gamers or interactive work are subsidized in other Foundation programs and are not eligible in this program. Commercial, industrial, informational, or student work all fall outside of Foundation priorities and are not eligible in any Foundation program.

Jerome Foundation considers music videos to be industrial or commercial work; they are therefore not eligible for support nor appropriate to use as work samples. Music videos submitted as work samples will be removed from application materials and will not be reviewed by the panel.

The Foundation has no preferences for kinds of project (i.e., documentary over narrative or animation) or subject matter. Subject matter of a proposed project is considered only in cases where the subject clearly requires special expertise. The applicant must show evidence of having the capability to handle the subject matter. In reviewing documentary proposals, panels are typically also interested in the degree to which relationships with the film subjects have been or will be developed.


As noted earlier, only production and post-production expenses (editing, titles, special effects, but not marketing, distribution costs, festival fees or pre-production) that are incurred after the grant is awarded and the grant contract signed are supported. Film projects that are in post-production are eligible but are a lower priority.

Grantees must accept all grant funds within 18 months and use all funds within two years of the date of the grant letter (issued in late December).

Projects that are still in early pre-production planning and that may not begin shooting for at least 24 months are encouraged to postpone application until more work on the project has been completed. The program does not offer second grants to support projects previously funded within the Film/Video/Digital Production Grant program. Pre-production and research are supported through the Film, Video, and Digital Production Travel and Study Grant Program, but not through this program.


Films of any financial scale are allowed; all budgets will be given the same consideration. Applicants with small budgets are welcome and encouraged to apply. Because Jerome may not be able to cover the entire costs of production, all application budgets must identify additional secured and/or potential sources of income for the project.

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