Organization Grants

The Jerome Foundation promotes a dynamic culture through support for artists, collectives and/or ensembles across all disciplines in the early stages of their vocational artistic lives to create new work and for nonprofit arts organizations that offer programs, services and activities for such artists, collectives and/or ensembles. We support artists and nonprofit arts organizations based in the state of Minnesota and the five boroughs of New York City.

Jerome Foundation Values

The Foundation’s core values, which we strive to model in our practice as grantmakers and to support in our grantees, are:

Diversity: We consciously embrace diversity in the broadest sense. We support a diverse range of artists and organizations, including but not limited to those of diverse cultures, races, sexual identities, genders, generations, aesthetics, points of view, physical abilities, and missions. We support a diverse range of artistic disciplines and forms, created in a variety of contexts and for different audiences.

Innovation/Risk: We support artists who and organizations that push the boundaries of their respective disciplines, and we applaud unconventional approaches to solving problems.

Humility: We work for artists (rather than the reverse) and believe that artists and organizations are the best authorities to define their needs and challenges—an essential humility reflective of Jerome Hill, our founder. The artists we support embrace their roles as part of a larger community of artists and citizens, and consciously work with a sense of purpose, whether aesthetic, social or both.

Overview of Grant Program

In alternating years, beginning in 2017-18, the Jerome Foundation will offer two-year grants for ongoing programs, services and activities in any discipline(s) benefitting artists that meet Jerome’s eligibility requirements as defined below.

Organizations that have not previously received Jerome funding are eligible to apply as long as they meet the organization eligibility requirements defined below.

In 2017, applications for two-year grants will be submitted in two stages. A preliminary application is required no later than September 14, 2017. Following review, a smaller group of organizations will be invited to submit more extensive and detailed application materials for full consideration.

All requests should be for a two-year period, unless specifically otherwise advised by the Foundation. Funding can begin once grant agreements have been signed, on or after May 1, 2018.

Application Timeline

Step 1/preliminary application cycle opens                June 15, 2017

Step 1/preliminary application deadline                     September 14, 2017 at 4 pm Central Time

Step 2/full applications invited                                     No later than October 16, 2017

Deadline for Step 2/full applications                           November 30, 2017 at 4 pm Central Time

Notification of awards                                                     Between March 15-April 9, 2018

Next application cycle opens                                          Spring/Summer 2019

Grant Amounts

The average level of funding is $25,000/year, with a general range of a minimum of $15,000-$20,000/year to a maximum of $75,000-100,000/year. Grants for single programs will rarely exceed $40,000/year, while grants for multiple programs will rarely exceed $75,000/year. Only in the most exceptional cases, if at all, will grants be smaller or larger than these minimums or maximums. Matching funds from additional sources are not required, but are certainly encouraged.

Up to 15% of the grant funds may be applied to indirect administrative costs for supported programs. Additionally, up to 10% can be requested to support long term capacity development connected to serving early career artists. This may include but is not limited to research, equipment purchase, amplification of existing cash reserves or endowments, change capital funds, and/or debt reduction.  Such funds cannot be used to develop capacities for non-Jerome artists or for non-arts programs and activities.


Watch the below webinar, in which Jerome staff unveiled the new guidelines and held a Q&A session:

Or watch the below Step 1/preliminary application how-to webinar:


Download the guidelines in PDF format:

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