Travel and Study Grant Program Eligibility Quiz

Are you based in Minnesota or the five boroughs of New York City?

You must live in the five boroughs of New York City or the state of Minnesota to be eligible.

The Travel and Study Program supports generative emerging artists. You must have experience creating and producing/exhibiting/screening/publishing/recording your own work. This is not an opportunity for beginning artists. Does your resume include a list of credits of work you have created?*

* Note: This program rotates disciplines every other year. In even years, the program is open to literature; film/video and digital production; and dance. In odd years, the program is open to music; theater/performance art; and visual arts. Check to make sure the program is open to the discipline in which you work.

You must be an emerging artist working in one of the above disciplines to participate.

Are you an executive or program administrator working for a nonprofit arts organization?

You must be an emerging artist or a program administrator at an eligible nonprofit arts organization to participate.

Do you have a plan to travel somewhere in the country or in the world to study, conduct research, and/or seek professional development?

This program supports activities such as research leading to the creation of new work, the development of collaborations, participation in specific training programs, time for reflection and individualized study, investigation of artistic work outside of Minnesota or New York City, and dialogue on aesthetic issues. This program does not support the production of new work, acquisition of teaching credentials, touring, performances, concerts or exhibitions.

You qualify!

Please read the Travel and Study guidelines before starting an application.

Not eligible

Based on your answers, you are not eligible for the Travel & Study grant.

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