Grantee Requirements: Travel and Study Grant Program

Additional Program Requirements

  • Grants are considered taxable income, and grantees will receive 1099 forms in any year(s) in which grant funds are received. In addition, grantee names and city of residence are listed in the Jerome Foundation’s annual tax return, which is a public document and is posted on the Foundation’s website.
  • Travel and Study Grant Program grantees request funds by submitting proof of transportation arrangements and an itinerary for the travel and study period, including a detailed schedule. The Jerome Foundation will issue payment prior to departure if this information is received at least one month preceding the desired payment/travel date(s).
  • Grant recipients are required to provide a final narrative report, within one month of the completion of the travel and study period, describing the experience, what was learned, and the impact this opportunity had on artistic development. Recipients who do not submit final reports are ineligible for future funding from the Jerome Foundation.

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