2016 Travel and Study Grantees

The following grants were made through the Jerome Foundation's Travel and Study Program in 2016:

Hawa Allan, New York City, received $5,000 to conduct interviews in Minnesota, Toronto and London as part of a research project on resettled Somali communities.

Jeff Bennett, Minnesota, received $5,000 to follow a path across the western United States in research for an anticipated character's journey.

Kim Brandt, New York City, received $5,000 to visit and research the works of land artists Nancy Holt, Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer and Walter De Maria.

Jessica Chen, New York City, received $4,550 to travel to Taipei, Taiwan to research the intersections of various forms of traditional Chinese folk dances and how those traditional sensibilities inform contemporary and modern dance and movement quality.

Wendell Cooper, New York City, received $3,805 to deepen an understanding of Thai Yoga Massage for integration into movement research and artistic philosophy.

Ram Devineni, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to Kolkata and Dehli, India to meet with organizations, artists, and writers to research the story, art, and concept for the next chapter of Priya's Shakti, an augmented reality mythological comic book and multimedia exhibition/film focused on sexual violence issues.

Mackenzie Epping, Minnesota, received $5,000 to travel to Berlin, Germany to walk and bicycle the 100-mile Berliner Mauerweg (Berlin Wall Trail) and ride the full length of all 24 city train lines in order to research, document, and reflect the impact of border structures on the movement of people, material which will inform a collection of lyric essays.

T'ai Freedom Ford, New York City, received $5,000 to attend the Black Portraiture(s) III Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, and collaborate with South African photographer, Zanele Muholi.

Elizabeth McWilliams Hernandez, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to Seville, Spain, to study the role of communication in the art and culture of Flamenco.

Anu Jindal, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to India to engage in firsthand research of key locations to directly appear in a novel-in-progress; conduct in-person interviews of tribal villagers and shamans; view distinct cultural practices; and  access significant, non-lending reference texts and cultural exhibitions.

Jonathan Katz, New York City, received $4,305 to travel to Tobago and conduct interviews with elderly Tobagonians and attend the Tobago Heritage Festival.

Jennifer Kramer, Minnesota, received $4,360 to travel to Juárez, Mexico to observe and investigate the life and work of Alma Gonzales, founder of a renowned music school for impoverished children, as the foundation for a new narrative screenplay of her life.

Sally Wen Mao, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to six different locations in China for immersion into arts communities and to conduct preliminary research for a potential new book project about the lives of contemporary Chinese artists and writers.

Kari Mugo, Minnesota, received $5,000 to travel to Nairobi and South Africa to embark on a storytelling project exploring the experiences and memories of the children of Africa in the 21st century.

Patricia Park, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to Argentina to research a second novel, The “Chino” from Buenos Aires, which explores the ethnic Korean community in Argentina.

Jehra Patrick, Minnesota, received $1,500 to travel to New York City to meet with new media field leaders from Rhizome and the New Museum, New York Foundation for the Arts, Artsy.net, and ArtSpace.com, and attend Rhizome's annual Seven on Seven conference.

Elise Rasmussen, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to South Africa to research and gather resource material for a new project on the rhinoceros in its natural habitat, the effects of colonialism and post-apartheid on poaching and how communities are getting involved to prevent the extinction of this animal.

Anurag Sharma, Minnesota, received $5,000 to travel to New Delhi to research and study traditional Kathak dance with Pandit Birju Maharaj and his disciples at the world-renowned Kalashram dance school.

Monica Sok, New York City, received $2,000 to research spiritual life during the Khmer Rouge regime by visiting Angkor Wat and working on her full-length poetry manuscript about the Cambodian genocide.

Emily Strasser, Minnesota, received $2,000 to travel to Oak Ridge, Tennessee to research the mercury contamination caused by Cold War era nuclear weapons production, a process overseen by Strasser's grandfather, and to travel to Radford, Virginia to visit the St. Alban’s sanitarium where he spent several extended periods in treatment for severe mental illness.

Alanna Morris-Van Tassel, Minnesota, received $3,700 to travel to Trinidad to participate in the New Waves! Institute to study traditional and contemporary Afro-Caribbean dance and culture among an international pool of artists, teachers and students.

Reilly Tillman, Minnesota, received $4,476 to travel to Los Angeles, California to attend Film Independent’s annual independent filmmaker conference (FIND Forum); spend time with FIND staff to debrief the Forum and learn more about their cutting-edge education programs; reconnect with Los Angeles-based film producers who’ve participated in IFP MN’s Filmmaker Conference; and form new alliances with other champions of independent film.

Michael Torres, Minnesota, received $4,860 to travel to Jalisco, Mexico to explore his fathers's homeland with the hope of growing as an artist with a better sense of his heritage.

Livia Ungur and Sherng-Lee Huang, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to Bucharest, Romania to conduct research for a feature-length essay film about pop culture under totalitarian rule; gather newsreel, television, and movie footage from the National Film Archives; and interview people involved in the original productions.

Xuan Wang, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to China to conduct ethnographic research for a novel in progress.

Tony Whitfield, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to Paris to establish relationships and conduct research with members of that city's LGBTQ community and find collaborators for a new multi-year, multi-platform transmedia project exploring a century of queer life in public.

Taja Will, Minnesota, received $5,000 to participate in a custom-made residency with Bay Area artist Sara Shelton Mann in San Francisco.

Sen-I Yu, New York City, received $5,000 to travel to Taipei, Taiwan to conduct research and gather visual references for a new narrative feature project My Beauty Queen Mom, a comedy-drama that explores mental health issues, family relationships, and the beauty pageant culture in Taiwan.

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