Films by Jerome Hill

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The Museum of Modern Art houses the Jerome Hill Film Collection and provided the descriptions for the films.

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Albert Schweitzer

1957. USA. Produced and directed by Jerome Hill. Music by Alec Wilder. Cinematography by Erica Anderson. Music by Alec Wilder. Narrated by Burgess Meredith and Fredric March. Oscar-winning documentary traces the life and work of the French philosopher, physician, and missionary. 82 min.


1950.  An autobiographical sketch.

Death In The Forenoon

1966.  USA.  Footage of a bullfight, shot by Hill in 1934, hand-painted by the artist three decades later.  2 min.

Film Portrait

1972. USA. The artist’s masterwork, a diary film in which he presents his life and milieu through old home movies and newly-staged scenes, many hand-colored and animated for emotional and psychological effect. 81 min.

Grandma Moses

1950.  Directed by Jerome Hill.  A portrait of the octogenarian folk artist. 

Magic Umbrella

1965.  USA.  Hill home movies from 1927, with hand-coloring and sound added.  4 min.

Merry Christmas

1967/69.  USA.  Christmas in New York City, as Mary and Joseph arrive by donkey at the Algonquin Hotel and are turned away.  3 min.

The Artist's Friend

c1968.  USA.  The filmmaker appears as an artist attempting to set up his easel, with frustrating results.  5 min.

The Canaries

1969.  USA.  Live-action footage of canaries, overlaid with hand-painted effects.  4 min.

The Sand Castle

1961.  USA.   The Sand Castle is a fanciful film directed and written by Jerome Hill, starring Barry Cardwell, Laurie Cardwell, George Dunham, Alec Wilder, Maybelle Nash and Erica Speyer.  64 min.

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