John Magary

JOHN MAGARY received support for Antoinette, a feature-length narrative about a womans unfinished battle with life, an ecstatic chronicle chasing its defiant subject across four decades as she raises seven kids amidst the pain, joy, death, and rebirth of the city she calls home. And where is her home? Its New Orleans, a place like no other, tumbling down the backside of Americas twentieth century. Scenes from Antoinettes life spill out in chronological disorder, in bursts short and long, with the random force of memorya history, a dance, a delirious harnessing. From her self-imposed name change at seven, to her first child at seventeen, to a disastrous brawl in the projects at twenty-nine, to her post-Katrina exile in San Antonio, Antoinette takes a hopscotch through time with ailing siblings, battered suitors, determined girls, belligerent boys, and one very tough woman.

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