Xavier Marrades Orga
The Pilgrim's Dive

XAVIER MARRADES ORGA received $14,000 for TRANS TIME, a personal reflection of the filmmakers seven years in New York City. According to Orga, New York is a place that shaped his development as a person and artist and his entry into adulthood. He arrived in the city in his early twenties. It was the fulfillment of his teenage dream to move to New York, not only to realize his artistic ambitions, but also to nurture his developing sexuality as a gay man. The chance to leave behind the otherness that enveloped so much of his pre-New York years had finally arrived. He would also finally have a real chance to connect with others. What happened in the ensuing seven years was a rite of passage, moments of lost innocence, gains in maturity, brushes with mortality. This film is an open search and meditation about personal change in the transitional city of excellence. It will unfold as a trip through time, which Marrades Orga looks within himself and travels on a journey of discovery through others.

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