Devin Horan

DEVIN HORAN was awarded support for RekonGrodek, an experimental film consisting of a prologue and a triptych of sequences structured around themes of trance, derangement, apocalypse, love, and suicide; a maelstrom of imagery about the compounded forces acting on the Austrian poet Georg Trakl. An accelerated, warped, and spectral world, fusing archival documentary footage with broken narrative fragments filmed in digital video. Overlaid by a voice-over bordering on incoherence, Trakl's disordered life and violent death are filtered into an iconographic vortex, re-arranging the consituents of his being in schizoid patterns, and creating a raw canvas of brutality, horror, and disintegration. Like Trakl's poetry itself, RekonGrodek should be seen as "one long uninterrupted visionary image, encompassing complex fusions of dream-like visions and the memory of real events and experiences propelled by an ever-deepening morbid anxiety, wherein existential concerns are sieved through a series of images onto our minds via hallucinatory scenes and settings, rather than through mere telling."  (Will Stone)

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