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INTERMEDIA ARTS MINNESOTA, Minneapolis, received $18,000 in support of artists works within the HomeWork Project. A key component in Intermedias development of a new home was to use as much of the construction budget as possible to pay artists to make essential elements of the building, thereby increasing artist ownership of the building and achieving a design which was strengthened by the active engagement of creative ideas. A call for proposals from artists was put forth by a design team, which received nearly 100 proposals from 29 artists and teams of artists. Eleven projects were identified. The first grouping of those projects was implemented during the last year and a half with funding from Jerome Foundation and other sources. This recent grant was authorized for Phase II of HomeWork, which will involve new works by artists Brian Jon Foster, Joy Mincy Powell, Gwendolyn Schwinke, Jason Brown, Andrew Sinning, Judith Yourman, Elaine Sheer, Chris Krumm, Norbert Marklin and Esther Malabel.

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