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The Sleepwalker-Notes from There

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ANN PRIM received $10,000 for The Sleepwalker-Notes from There, the third and final story of The Vellum Trilogy. The trilogy is a collection of three fictional vignettes Prim began writing in 2009. Each story takes a brief but intimate look into the lives of gay women: a writer, a painter and dancers. Additionally the trilogy also examines rejection, grief, and transformation. The Jerome Foundation funded Little Words, the first chapter of The Vellum Trilogy in 2010.  The Sleepwalker is a story told elliptically, that utilizes dance physically and metaphorically to reveal a tender love story of separation and the emotional transformation that is possible through creative expression.  In the late 1950s in a small modern dance studio run by German émigré Josette Holger, are two very promising but different dancers. The dancers Pepca and Martine become collaborators and lovers but are suddenly separated by Martine’s arrest by immigration officials.  Martine’s arrest causes Pepca to doubt the value of dance in her life and she begins to withdraw from the world. Martine’s reaction to her own arrest and the abrupt separation from Pepca cause her to transcend her physical confinement and enter into the world of her imagination. Martine creates a dance, which she sends to Pepca through a series of notes and hand drawn images. This dance reflects Martine’s confinement and passion for Pepca. These dance notes become an anchor of reality for Pepca and the path back to rediscovering her language of dance.

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Writer/Director: Ann Prim

Ann Prim is a filmmaker and photographer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has a background in graphic design, photography and music which made becoming a filmmaker a natural progression.

She has worked in both experimental and narrative short form for more than 10 years.

She was a Jerome Film and Video Grant recipient in 2010 and 2013.

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