Webinars for Our New Guidelines and Applications

We are thrilled to announce that, at their meeting on March 19, the Jerome Foundation Board of Directors approved a new strategic framework to guide us in the coming years.

We are laboring furiously on new guidelines and application formats to unveil in the near future, and hope you can be patient with us until then. We will not be fielding questions in advance of an official unveiling (so please don’t phone or email us about this hoping for a sneak preview!). The one assurance we can give you is that the new framework is consistent with our earlier posts, and that our focus on emerging/early career artists will continue.

The unveiling will happen through a series of webinars geared towards specific audiences:

  • Organizations: Thursday, May 25, 12 noon Central/1 pm Eastern (register now)
  • Film/Video/Digital Production Artists: Friday, May 26, 12 noon Central/1 pm Eastern (register now)
  • Individual Artists working in other disciplines: Tuesday, May 30, 12 noon Central/1 pm Eastern (register now)

Don’t worry if you cannot make the live webinar—each will be recorded and posted for on-demand viewing on our website. We anticipate the webinar lasting between one hour and ninety minutes, depending on the length of the Q&A.

Emails explaining the new strategy will also be sent—sign up for our email list if you would like to receive the email.

Thank you for your interest in the Jerome Foundation.

Published March 30, 2017

by Andrea Brown

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