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The Great American Think-Off

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Nicholas Nerburn received $29,764 in support of The Great American Think-Off. This documentary film is centered on a public philosophy contest held every year in New York Mills, Minnesota, population 1,199. Four “thinkers” who have submitted essays on an agreed-upon philosophical question are brought to New York Mills, where they are invited to make their arguments before the town, who chooses a “Great American Thinker” by vote in their elementary school’s gym.

About Nicholas Nerburn

“Nik Nerburn is a documentary storyteller working in photography and film. While working as an educator and exhibiting artist, Nik also develops long-term documentary projects that tell stories about communities. Guided by the belief that sharing stories can create bridges across great differences, he collaborates with neighborhood organizations, public housing residents, churches, corner stores, families, small businesses, after-school programs, libraries, and museums. He lives and works in Duluth, Minnesota, on the far western edge of Lake Superior.”

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