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The Jerome and Camargo Foundations are delighted to announce a next step in their working relationship.

In 2013, the Foundations had entered a close working partnership as Camargo re-staffed and revitalized its programs, with Jerome Foundation Board and staff providing guidance and leadership in this transitional period. The success of this alliance has been remarkable. A new staff of dedicated and committed individuals, headed by Julie Chénot (who joined the Foundation to head programs in 2014), has been engaged. Camargo now receives more than 1100 international applications annually for its 18 residencies in its Core Program, enjoys partnerships with multiple other foundations and nonprofits in the United States and Europe, and is a grantee of the National Endowment for the Arts, which is supporting a pilot residency program for playwrights from the African continent and African-American playwrights in 2018.

With this re-emergence of Camargo as a vital residency center for artists, scholars, and thinkers, Camargo is now ready to embark on a new path. In recognition of the successes achieved, Camargo Program Director Julie Chénot has been promoted to the role of Executive Director of the Camargo Foundation. To ensure ongoing cooperation and flow of information between the two Foundations, a small group of individuals will continue to serve on the Boards of both Foundations, as the two Foundations continue to recognize and celebrate their common founder, Jerome Hill. Residencies for Jerome grantees will also continue to be offered in 2018 through the Jerome@Camargo initiative.

With this step, Camargo enters a new phase in its history. The Foundation looks forward to enhancing and further improving its service to artists, scholars and thinkers, providing time and space for them to think and create in this outstanding environment in Cassis, France. Any questions may be addressed to either Ben Cameron ([email protected]) or Julie Chénot ([email protected]).

Published October 13, 2017

by Andrea Brown

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